Bad, Boujee, and Broke

I honestly feel like minimalism couldn't have come at a better time in my life. It ain't cute being a broke millennial. Though I (still) have a roof over my head, clothes to wear, and food to eat, I'm still barely treading water for the most part. 

Because of this, I figured now would be the perfect time to use minimalism to help me manage my money better. I've mentioned that I'm a recovering hoarder and had (or still have rather) a bit of a shopping addiction. 

Minimalism is about living a simple, full life with less. It emphasizes the less is more mantra. So what did I do? Take it to the extreme. 

As a lover of experiments, I decided to do another one regarding my finances. I've done well with saving since that was a goal of mine to do in 2016 prior to transitioning to minimalism. But the goal now was to manage the money within my checking account. Because I know I have a habit of using my debit card when I know I have money to spend, I decided to basically empty my checking account. I leave just enough  to avoid it being at a zero balance and put the cash in a safe place. I figured this way it would make me think twice about buying something unnecessarily. 

But what if the necessary does occur? Well for starters, I take a certain amount of cash on me therefore I know my limit. If it's something serious, there is enough in my account for just in case scenarios such as gas or McDonald's. It helps me make the conscious effort about my spending and if it's something that I actually need. Now, I don't always deny all of my wants. I'm just more mindful of them because I can easily fall back into hoarding tendencies. 

So has this method worked? To a degree, yes. But sometimes I go get very impulsive and buy shit anyway, usually food. It's not full proof but it has limited unnecessary purchases from Amazon. Plus, I got over 70K in student loans. I don't really need to be spending that much anyway. 


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