5 Reasons Why I Became a Minimalist

For those who follow me on IG (@ingoodfaithxo), you probably noticed that a lot of my posts have focused on my transition to minimalism. In the summer of last year, I decided to give minimalism a shot. I've thought about doing this several times over the years but didn't take it seriously. Here's why this time, I took this lifestyle change seriously:

- Life Was A Mess
It all started when I woke up one June morning and felt that my life was a mess in all ways. So as an experiment, I rationalized that if I cleaned up the literal mess in my life, it will metaphorically clean up my life in every other area. I took this opportunity to actually clean because  I tend to live in organized chaos. My apartment is a complete mess and it was a total reflection of how I felt internally. My biggest mess? Clothes. I had clothes in almost every area of my apartment except the kitchen. So naturally, that's where I started and worked my way from there. 

- Craved simplicity 
Honestly, I just wanted a simple ass life. I'm really basic at my core. I don't need a lot to be happy or to survive. I've always felt that my life was more complicated than it should be and I want simplicity more than anything. I figured minimalism would be able to assist me in that simplicity I was searching for. 

- Hoarding Tendencies 
So back to this literal mess in my life. I'm basically a (recovering) hoarder. I'll keep things for the sake of keeping things, especially momentos and such. I've had things that I've had since freshman year of high school. You read that right. Freshman year of high school. Why? I don't know. I've also kept things because I felt that there was going to be a time I will need them again. I've held on to things way past their expiration date. I blame my mother for this since she tends to have a hoarding tendencies as well. There's definitely psychological reasons for my hoarding but that's for another post. 

- Save Money 
I also found that I was always spending money unnecessarily. I don't know if I want to admit that I had a shopping problem but if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck well... 

I felt like I didn't have a good handle on my money. So I wanted to have more control of it and thinking more consciously about my purchases before clicking "add to cart" and "check out." 

- Create More Space
Lastly, I wanted to create more space literally. As stated earlier, my apartment was a mess. Getting around my apartment was similar to playing hop scotch. I kept saying that I need a bigger place so it could hold everything. But in fact, it wasn't the space. My apartment is adequately sized so to speak. What I needed to get rid of was a good chunk of my stuff.  As I started doing that, I created more space in my apartment. I can actually walk around and see my carpet! It's really a big deal guys. 

It's weird that I lived in such messy quarters whereas my workspace is super organized and I start to panic when it's out of order. Go figure. 

I know I [fake] gave up blogging but I also said I'll blog when I'm inspired. Well I'm inspired by this transition I'm on and as a broke millennial, this couldn't have come at a better time. Are any of you minimalists or looking to become one? 


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