Seven Days of Perfect Faith

As I was finishing up my degree and heading my path to being a spiritual counselor/coach, I realized that my faith in a lot of things and just life in general was in question. My faith within anything can either be very high or very low and sometimes in between. So I questioned myself and put myself to the test. I asked (well, more like told) God that if I’m going to be a spiritual coach and help others give their life to Christ, my faith needs to be A-1. That very night, I decided to do a little experiment so to speak.  Every day for seven days, I would request something and have perfect faith that God will come through. And guess what? He sure did.

I started off my week with something simple that I know I could easily believe in. I declared for a good night’s sleep. Though I was on sleep medication, for the past week or two, sleep has evaded me. I just wanted a full eight hours and that, I received. The next day, I declared for the fastest Monday ever. I mean, we all hate Mondays (and I can’t wait until the day that I won’t have to hate them anymore) and at my job, it’s the busiest day. But it worked out that the day went by not only extremely fast but I didn’t have to do my job for a few hours considering that I was relocating to the new facility that day. So it was a two for one deal! I followed that request with me getting home at a decent time asking for traffic to not be bad during rush hour. It wasn’t perfect but I still got home at reasonable time.

The other four requests included: passing my final class with an A and graduating with my Master’s in counseling with a 3.9 GPA, hearing from a friend that I had not heard from in a while (which was the one thing my faith was low on), and some other miscellaneous things that for some reason I cannot remember for the life of me. But just know whatever it was, it did come to pass and that made me happy.

This little experiment showed me that if one truly has perfect faith, God will show up and show out. Simple as that.  And as a spiritual counselor/coach, it was important for me to master that for myself before I can teach it to others. I got this idea from reading the work of Florence Scovell Shinn in which she said something to the effect of we wouldn’t need to use constant affirmations if we just had perfect faith. That statement happened to come back to me in which I decided to test my faith and thought myself “well, she does have a point.” Faith is all about believing in what you cannot see but know it’s going to happen one way or another. It’s about trusting that the Universe, or better yet God, will conspire to make sure that you receive your desire or something better through any means necessary. 

Now just because I had my little success with my experiment doesn’t mean I don’t struggle with faith still. As a matter of fact, I very much do and often have to remind myself that if God done it before, He can and will do it again. According to your faith will be done unto you. Every day is not perfect. My faith can be a hit or miss most of the time but I’m trying. Faith is what moves things from the invisible into reality. But it’s not an easy task especially if having faith isn’t your strong point. For those who are struggling and wondering how I did my experiment, I practiced gratitude affirmations and concluded with “Amen.” I learned early on that gratitude is the best and one of highest forms of prayer. By practicing gratitude, you’re thanking God in advance. You’re basically saying: “Hey God, this is what I desire. Thanks for making it happen, yo.” And just like that, He gets to working on it because you already know he’s going to come through.

But there are plenty of ways to increase your faith. It’s all about doing what works for you and God.


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