Soleil Says: If You Need Help, Seek Help

The answer is pretty simple: if you need help, get help. 

Don’t worry about what your mother says or what anyone else says. Assuming you’re over the age 18, you have the right to seek help with or without your mother’s consent. If you feel like something is wrong, chances are there is and there is nothing wrong with that. The fact that you are noticing something isn’t right and considering to get help is major progress. Now you just have to actually pursue it.

Now this isn’t to disrespect or dismiss your mother because she probably means well. Typically, depression is common and for most people, it is just a phase and folks come out of it in due time. It’s life and things happen that can easily cause one to feel depress for a certain amount of time. They may get it treated or they may not, but for most people, like I said – they do come out of it. However, as for you, how long have you been suffering? It’s been longer than a couple of months then I definitely believe you should get help regardless of what anyone thinks. It just may be typical depression that you may eventually come out of or it could be something deeper. But being that you’ve been dealing with this for quite some time, I’m going to say it’s probably the latter.

Going to counseling is scary and I was reluctant about going. My mother also thought it was just a phase so I know exactly what you are going through. But it wasn’t just a phase and I decided that I was going to seek help with or without her approval. And you know what happened? I got diagnosed with not one but two mental illnesses that I’ve been suffering from. Something I wouldn’t have known if I wouldn’t have sought help. Something I wouldn’t know if I listened to my mother.

What I find is that many people do assume any emotional distress is just a temporary feeling unaware of the seriousness of it and mental illness overall. And sometimes, it really is just that – a temporary feeling. But if it’s been happening for a long period of time, then it’s not. It’s something more, you should be concerned, and you should see a professional about it. No one knows you or your emotions better than you.

Find a professional. Do your research. Make the appointment.


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