Three Steps to Manifesting

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After re-reading one of my new thought/law of attraction books, I noticed the technique the author used in terms of creating what she considers a prosperous life. I don't know how I overlooked it before during the first go around. Perhaps I was just searching for a quick answer or something of the sorts. But I'm glad I re-read considering I was in a place in my life that I wanted to become more open to the Universal Spirit (aka God).

From the book "Open Your Mind to Prosperity" by Catherine Ponder, here are the three steps to aid in the manifesting prosperity process:

1. Make a list
What exactly do you want out of life? Is it a new job? More money? Happiness? A fulfilling relationship? Whatever it is, write it all down! Most times we run on autopilot letting life just happen to us. We become victims of our circumstances not realizing we hold the power to change those circumstances. But before you make change, you need to get clear and firm about what you want hence making a list.

2. Picture It
I believe that this can go one of three ways. The first way is simply visualizing. Can you mentally picture your desire in detail? What does it look like? The mind is a powerful tool and visualization makes your desire real to the subconscious. A second way is literally having a picture of your desire, similar to a vision board. Find a picture or more of desire (along with a picture of the cross in the center) and get to pasting & collaging! A third way is writing your desire in present tense in full detail. Same as visualization only in written form. This is also referred to as your "Ideal Scene" via Shakti Gawain.

3. Affirm it
Take that list you made and turn each one into a goal. By turning it into a goal, you're putting it out into the Universe that you're serious about this desire and are ready for it to come into your life. To affirm your goal, just recite or write it in present tense. For instance, say you want a new car. You would affirm: "I now receive a brand new car!" You can also use gratitude affirmations for goals in which I discuss more in depth here.

It also helps to seal your goals with Divine insurance. So for example, after affirming your new car, you would follow up with something along lines of "under grace, in the perfect way." Doing this lets your desire come to you the way God/Universe has it planned for you in the best way possible. Let's say you did get a new car only to find out there was no carfax done and you're left with all the maintenance. I mean, at least you got your new car right?

Another tidbit to add into your affirmation is "or something better." Focus on your goals but not so hard that you are blocking something better from coming your way. Be open to receive! It is your Divine right!

What's interesting about re-reading this is that this has been something I've been doing for a while before even reading the works of Catherine Ponder. I'm a natural list maker. I'll make a list for any and everything. I eventually turn that list into goals. As for picturing, I often try to do a quick visualization or paste a picture or two under my affirmation. Speaking of affirmations, that's been the most difficult part for me. But after practicing gratitude affirmations, I started noticing things manifesting into my life.

There are so many ways to manifest and my many blog posts on the subject prove that theory. Try this method out and let me know how it works for you!


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