Soleil Says: My Friends Don't Support Me

Doesn't it suck when your friends and family don't support your dreams? I've been there before and the way I see it is that you have two options: to cut them off entirely and surround yourself with new, positive, inspiring people or compartmentalize them and still surround yourself with positive, inspiring people.

I say go with the latter unless you feel it's ultimately necessary to cut those people from your life. Not everyone is going to understand your dreams and they may not support due to not understanding.  In the words of J.Cole, don't tell people your dreams if you don't want them shot down. When it comes to what you want to do with your life, you have to do what's best for you with or without support. You can still love those very people but keep them at a distance when it comes to your endeavors.

Instead of dwelling of what your friends and family are not doing for you in terms of support, find a new circle of people that bring good energy and are inspiring. When it comes to your dreams, those are the type vibes you need in your circle.


  1. That comes with the territory. Most people can't see past what's in front of them so they don't see the potential in them chasing that career. It happens and as long as they support them being happy with whatever they are doing then its all good. The moment they turn into haters though...give them the boot.



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