Good Vibes, Good People

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As I start to raise my vibrations, energy, and thoughts, I've noticed a shift in my life. My new way of operating has led to subtle changes in my mood, my days, and overall well-being. But I didn't expect it to change my relationships with people and the outside world in general.

When I started to fully practice what I preach (see all happy posts), there was a major minor shift in my energy. I didn't clear my chakras or anything like that but it was something different about how I was feeling. Honestly, this new feeling was/is quite refreshing.

With this new found positive energy, I quickly found myself trying to protect it. I'm an emotional ticking time bomb and any little thing can set me off. To avoid setting off alarms and starting fires, I've been actively avoiding all things that are rather negative. I've been keeping my head deep into positive, spiritual stuff to keep me from going down the rabbit hole. I've been praying, spreading gratitude, and speaking good words over my life. My energetic vibrations have reached higher levels.

But they can quickly take a dip once I start interacting with people. I wouldn't classify myself as a people person. Social media is about as social as I will get. And sometimes that's even a bit much.

However, it wasn't really until I went to work AFTER raising my vibrations that people and their own energies easily have an effect on me. If I'm not careful, I tend to absorb that energy and become the misery they are projecting. But since I operate on autopilot most days, it's no surprise I've been picking up on bad juju.

I also noticed a shift in some of my personal relationships. I took account on what relationships in my life drain me. I love the people in my life but because of their toxicity, I started putting them at distance.
In the beginning, I didn't realize I was doing this. I was so focused on not bringing that work energy home that I didn't notice that I wasn't really interacting with my loved ones outside of my mom. But when I did notice, I started to reach out more. Then it hit me to why I kept them at a distance. It was their negative energy! All this space I was putting between myself and my so called loved ones were subconsciously strategic. I noticed this once I ended a convo with one of my loved ones and how drained and angry I felt afterwards. So much that it affected my sleep and my overall mood. I was even more frustrated at myself for even deciding to entertain a conversation with them when I should've just read a book instead.

It's crazy how when you start shifting your energy and putting out good vibes that's all you really want. You never really notice the negative energy you've been absorbing until you actually start raising those vibrations. The higher you go, you no longer can remain at low levels, especially with people who operate on low vibes.
When raising your energy levels, you must be mindful of your energy. You must be mindful of the energy you put out. You must be mindful of the energy that you allow into your space.

Reaching new levels of consciousness, you're bound to connect with like minded individuals and environments. The circle you once had will start to become smaller. But for a peace of mind, it's worth it.


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