Creating Your Own Opportunity

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When I was young(er) and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, one area stood out the most: writing. Initially wanting to be an entertainment writer/blogger a la Necole Bitchie (now Kane) but quickly learned that path was NOT for me.
I soon came to realize that I wanted to be an advice columnist. I'll give credit to some of my favorite fictional characters for that epiphany but honestly, it wasn't too far-
fetched. I enjoy writing and for some reason, I was the go-to friend when advice was needed. Still am as of today.

So I majored in History and heavily minored in English (just one class short of a double major) and decided to pursue in graduate degree in counseling after much contemplating. But will this even work? Is this dream realistic? Yeah, I mean, I blog so I guess that's a start, right? You know what, good thing I did get my liberal arts degree that folks like to throw shade at (despite them sitting under trees themselves), I thought to myself. If all else fails, I can be a teacher. That was the original intent of my degree anyway.

How in the hell does one become an advice columnist though?! I Google'd all I could and felt discouraged. Then I realized it's 2015. Millennials such as myself and the likes are creating opportunities. If you wait for an opportunity, you'll be waiting forever. So here I am, creating my own opportunity and putting my [almost completed] counseling degree to use!

With that being said, starting next month I will hosting my very own advice column entitled "Soleil Says." Once a month, I'll answer ONE question in full depth and give you the best advice I can. So if you have any questions, send me an e-mail at with the following:

-Soleil Says written in the subject line with topic of the question (life, career, family, relationships, etc.)
-Your question(s); try to limit it to just one unless it's a combo question
-Your name: you can remain anonymous but I would need a alias name of your choosing (such as "lonely girl" or whatever you so choose)
-DMs will not be accepted

Once I decide on which one to answer, I will email you letting you know I've chosen your question and when the expected publish date will be (which will more than likely be the second week of each month). I'll also email you the response prior to posting on the site in case the question may be time-sensitive (just know, there will be no editing of my response. What I email to you will be the same as on the site).

I feel like this should go without saying but will say it anyway: you must be comfortable with your question being answered publicly. The sole purpose of this is not only to give advice but it can potentially help someone else who may have had a similar question. If you are not comfortable with that, then hold off on your email.

In regards to questions, nothing is really off limits except sex because Other than that, I'm open with whatever you want to ask. But just so you know, I don't sugar coat anything. I'll handle your question with care but expect for me to give it to you straight, no chaser (ask Minnie, she'll co-sign with that, lol) So start sending those questions!


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