5 Ways To Achieve Your New Year Goals

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It's a new year which means new goals, new adventures, new challenges, and new achievements. These are probably better known as resolutions but I'm not big on those. Maybe it's a psychological thing but I rather call them goals. Looking at it from that standpoint helps me take the steps to actually achieve them and I want to help you achieve yours too! So here's 5 ways that can help you manifest your goals for the new year and beyond:

Pretty self explanatory here. Ask God for you desire and it shall be given to you. It can be long, it can be short. It can be during the day or in the midnight hour. You can talk to God at any time, any place, in the way you feel most comfortable.

Affirmations: This is where you state your goal/desire in the present tense as if it already were. For example, if you want a great GPA for the semester such as myself you would say something like: "I now have a 4.0 GPA for this semester!" You can conclude your affirmations with a form of thank you or something of the sorts to seal the deal with the Universe.

Writing Your Ideal Scene:
Now, I'm not a big fan of this because I feel like I never do it correctly. This technique is where you write out your goal exactly how you want it. The key to this is being descriptive. As for me, though I'm big on writing, I feel like I over think the process and end up not writing what I really really want. So what I've started doing instead is listing my ideal scene into bullet points rather than a whole paragraph or two. It simplifies the process for me and gets the job done.

Gratitude Affirmations:
Honestly, this probably the only way I prefer to manifest (in conjunction with prayer). It's similar to a regular affirmation but your giving thanks instead. So if you want a new job, you would say something along the lines of: "I give thanks that I now receive the perfect new job!" For more on this technique, click here.

Vision boards/visualization:
Of course the ever popular vision board. This is another method I don't personally care for simply out of laziness. Y'all know I'm all about efficiency. But when I'm in a good, creative, arts & crafts mood, you'll catch me making of these things. I usually combine this with a gratitude affirmation if I do choose to go this route but once again, lazy. But it has brought much success to people so I won't knock it. Basically get pictures and quotes that all relate to your goals and collaging!

My personal way of achieving my goals are through gratitude. Do you have any New Year goals? How do you plan on manifesting them?


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