Tracking Your Blessings

Sometimes when we get caught up in life or just simply in the moment, we tend to forget to count our blessings. But I get it. When life is coming at you fast, it's much easier to count your burdens because that's all you can see.

Though I'm blessed by simply being alive and having the basic necessities of life, I tend to forget and overlook that aspect a lot. I'm a pessimist wishing and learning to be an optimist. But no matter hard I try, I end up seeing the glass half empty. Meanwhile, I tell everyone to see their glass half full. For some reason I can never take my own advice.

Though my depression has been controlled, I still had issues. My life in every aspect just wasn't right. All I needed was one blessing to give me hope again. One blessing to help me keep the faith. But when it was taking too long to come, I stopped praying for miracles. Instead, I wanted to be dead.

In one of my self help books, the author states that when you want to be dead that means your blessing or miracle is just around the corner. It's always darkest before dawn. But sometimes, you can't wait for dawn. You don't believe the sun will rise again though it does every single day. You don't believe in anything anymore despite all that you have.

That's why I created a gratitude book. Each night I write thank you, thank you, thank you for... and fill in the blank. Sometimes it's something simple like having a roof over my head and food on my plate. Other times it's more spiritual such my growth, strength, intuition, the presence of Divine spirit. Then of course, I often times create gratitude affirmations for the things I desire.

I decided to look through my gratitude book just to see if anything came to pass. Just one week alone, 4 things came into existence. Some weren't even specifics I asked for but was just open to such as abundance for the week (which led to an unexpected check in the mail the next day!) Going over my gratitude and all the things I was thankful for led me to be more thankful; more grateful.

It's important to track your progress. Though you're low, chances are you've been lower. If you're currently at rock bottom, know that the only way out is up. Create a gratitude book. Write down all of the good things that happen to you before, currently, and after. Counting our blessings will impress our subconscious and increase more blessings in our lives.

I mean, who doesn't want more blessings?!


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