Entrepreneurship: It Ain't For Everybody

I don't like people. I don't work well with others. I respect authority but I would rather not have to. I want to do what I want when I want. I want to live on my terms. So I decided that I should be an entrepreneur.

Now don't get me wrong here. There are definitely perks to being an entrepreneur. But it's also not for the faint of heart. You do have to work and hard. Success is not built overnight unless you're a reality star. Even that's not a guaranteed success.  But is it really work if you are passionate about what you're doing?

I don't have many passions in life. When I decided that I wanted to work for myself, I had to come up with a list. What is something that I can see myself doing not only for free but for the rest of my life? Then out of nowhere upon listing my passions, ideas started flowing in. I wrote each one down and decided what I can do NOW. I'm not a multitasker and I don't believe in being a jack of all trades but master of none. So I chose one that I felt I can do and ran with it.

Welp, I ran as fast and long as I could. Granted, entrepreneurships a marathon not a sprint. But those feelings I had months prior started to subside. No, the work I was doing (or at least attempting to) wasn't getting to me. I just lost that fire, that spark, that yutzpa or whatever it's called. So I went on to the next thing and the same thing happened. I tried one more time and revised my business plans and goals for the millionth time. Still, nothing.

I will say this: I am a dreamer. But at some point, I know I have to wake up. A dream without a deadline is just a wish. And my that's all my career desires were: wishes.

Then it suddenly it hit me. Who said I have to be entrepreneur to achieve my dreams? Who said working for yourself is the only way to be truly happy and successful? Who said that the only way to fulfill your purpose/destiny/passion is to be your own boss?

That's when I realized that I've been feeding too much into social media. Let instagram and twitter tell it, you ain't a boss if you work for someone else. I get it to a degree. When you work for someone else, you're supposedly building their dream, not yours. But is that really true? What if working for the said person/company ties into your dream? Did these twitter philosophers ever consider that?

I realized that the reason I failed at becoming an entrepreneur wasn't just because I get bored too quickly or change my mind too much. It just simply wasn't for me. Would it be nice to have my own business and something to pass down to my heirs? Sure. But I have to do what works for me. And those heirs? Well, at this rate I'm about that cat lady life so....*shrugs*

No, I'm not necessarily a people person. You can ask my best friends Tierra or Lala and they will cosign that aspect. But as I was heavily sighing and trying to hide my eye roll as another customer came in, I had a realization: I don't mind dealing/working with people IF it's something I love whether it comes from a 9-5 or entrepreneurship. In this case, it's the former.

I also realized that you do not have to be your own boss to be considered successful. I repeat, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE YOUR OWN BOSS TO BE SUCCESSFUL. You CAN fulfill your purpose, love and be passionate about you do, and reach your destiny working a 9-5. Do not let social media fool you.
There are many roads to success and happiness. Choose the one that truly works for you because ENTREPRENEURSHIP IS NOT FOR EVERYONE.

If you're working a 9-5, are you happy where you are? Do you feel successful? Are you fulfilling you're God-given purpose? And to be honest, your purpose may not always involve a paycheck. That's great if it does but passion does NOT always equate to your purpose or a paycheck.

As a creative, you may feel like you HAVE to be an entrepreneur. You may even feel that's your calling. But I'm hear to tell you that perhaps someone dialed the wrong number when you got that call. Some people are meant to be business owners. Others are not and that's okay. You can still find ways to be creative working a traditional job.

If you are walking and living in your honest truth, the success will come regardless. And just being able to walk and live in your truth alone is priceless.


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  2. I love this post! Something I debate with myself often, it's nice to think that it really isn't the only means of fulfilling my purpose to be an entrepreneur. And that I can 'work for someone else' and enjoy it, while fulfilling my purpose at the same time or outside of it.

    1. I used to debate with myself often too, still do at times. Folks on social media will have you feeling as if you're not really a 'boss' if you're working for someone else. I hate that idea because you can fulfill your purpose and be extremely happy in your 9-5! This idea that the only way you'll be happy is if you work for yourself is nonsense.


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