Sometimes You Just Gotta Say "F*ck It"

Okay so this title is a bit suggestive and very uncensored. But that was the exact phrase that came into my head a few nights ago. As I was praying, meditating, and seeking guidance, it hit me. Sometimes you just gotta say fuck it and let it go.

I've been praying non stop for a new job. I've been wanting a specific job to be quite honest. Not finding that position or even receiving an offer when available has been bringing me down. I need a new job yo. I can't work at this bakery forever.

People have been telling me to be more open. Apply here and apply there. They attempt to give me positive words and encouragement. Sorry but I don't want your feel good shit. I want a job. It may not be the job of my dreams or even part of my career path and that's fine. But I do want a job that makes me happy and I don't see nothing wrong with that.

As I was searching within myself hoping to find some answers, it came to me to just let that position go. Earlier that day, I was feeling discouraged and started thinking I should extend my efforts to other places. My inner self confirmed those feelings.

Though probably inappropriate while in meditation connecting to the Divine source, I kept thinking "you know what? Fuck this shit." And I didn't mean it in an offensive way but in terms of that it's time to let certain things go. By holding on to just one position, I'm energetically blocking my blessings. Perhaps there is a better job out there than what I want. But I'm not receiving it because I'm not open to receive it.

I know the Law of Attraction states to focus on your desires, the outcome. But sometimes we get so caught in that we're not even considering the possibilities of something better. We're not even giving the Universe a chance to show it's stuff. I'm learning now to express my desires and then let it go for real. I'm learning to allow myself to receive my desire or something greater. I'm learning to accept that what is for me is meant for me.

Also during my "fuck this shit" revelation, I had decided that I need lift myself out of this mess. Though my depression has been a life long battle filled with highs and lows, sometimes you gotta say fuck it to that too. You have to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and work your way through the trenches. I know there will be darkness for I've been experiencing it for some time. But you have to find a way out. You have to trust that you will get out of the wilderness if you just remain open to Divine guidance.

Depression sucks and I'm still lost in the wilderness. But I've decided to let go, slowly raise my vibrations, and let the Universe guide me and bless me. I've decided to grab myself by the bootstraps, put on some gangsta music and handle this shit like an OG.


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