Maybe I'm Not A Writer

I finished reading the homie Tyece's book, Twenties Unscripted: A Journey of Womanhood, Writing, and Relativity a few weeks ago and was left in amazement. Though a good amount I've read before courtesy of her blog, I was still in awe of how amazing her writing is. How she drops metaphors, makes you think, all while letting the reader know that she's still human. That she likes to drink wine and drop F-bombs. Immediately I thought to myself: Damn this girl is good. Her calling is definitely in writing.
I know the title of this post is contradictory considering that blogging is a form of writing. But I'm not talking about blogging. I'm talking about writing. I'm talking about reaching people at their core. Making them think. Making them reflect. Leaving them in astonishment or irritation depending on the subject.

Some writers challenge the norm and go against the grain. They're not afraid to take chances. They're not afraid to put out there. They're not afraid to let their thoughts bleed through pen.

Then there's me. I always considered myself a good writer. Decent at that. But that was in regards to school. I always managed to get an A or at the very least a B on papers growing up. Even now, in grad school I wait until the last minute to start and finish a paper and somehow still get an A. I'm apparently not good with time management but writing a skilled paper takes talent. That and I just wanna pass the class.

But beyond that, that's all I got. I wrote a post on my now defunct personal blog discussing similar sentiments. I'm not a word smith and will never will be. I throw in the occasional metaphor or something profound. But I wouldn't consider myself a writer. I'm just someone who can string along a few sentences to make it sound worth something.

Perhaps I'm not giving myself enough credit or any at all for that matter considering how much support I've received through this blog. Apparently my string of sentences are doing something.

You would think that someone who doubled majored in English & History--with the original intent to be a journalist-- that I would call myself a writer. But I'm not. When I read back what I've written, I'm not impressed. How dare I even think that journalism was going to take me anywhere.

But I learned rather quickly what I'm good at in this writing world. Standard written essays are cute for school. How to's and shit aren't just my thing though I appreciate when others do them. Giving tips, advice, etc from a general standpoint? Nope.

However, what does work is telling the truth. What does work is being raw and uncensored. What does work is sharing my pains and stories in all of its glory. What does work is being straight up and keeping it real despite how positive I try to make this space.

I'll never be word smith. On a good day you'll catch me with some amazingly dope shit. But don't count on it. You're more than likely to get a punchline or a one liner from me than anything profound.

Maybe I'm not a writer but I can always guarantee you'll get a good story out of me.


  1. I think it's important to remember that there are different types of writers. You may not be like one type of writer, but that doesn't make your own style of writing any less significant. I took a Creative Writing class this summer, and one thing we talked about was how there are those who can write short stories, but not novels and vice versa. Just like television and script writers can be great writers, but they aren't book writers. They're both writers, they just tell their stories differently. "Comparison is the thief of joy" is real. What's important is that you enjoy what you put out and that it's authentic to you!

    1. Thank you so much for this! Your comment definitely gave me a better perspective. I tend to forget that there are different kinds of writers out there. We just have to find our own lane and do what works for us as a writer.


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