Focus in Faith

They always say that for whatever it is that you want, you need to put all of your attention on it. It has to be your main focus. Well, I don't know who they are but that's true to a default.

What they don't explain is how to focus on your desire. In their defense, they probably assume we know and have the best intentions. There's constant talk about vision boards, visualization techniques, etc. Focus, focus, focus they say.  But what if you're like me and do this whole 'focus on your desire' thing all wrong?

Case in point: me wanting a new job. But I didn't want any new job. There was a specific company and position I wanted to work. I asked the Universe several times to bring forth this opportunity. I took any steps I can take to secure my desire. I literally gave thanks every single day as well as visualized it every night before bed. I even put the company number in my phone and set a picture of it as my background. I was determined to get a job  there. The position didn't exist yet but it was going to.

Though all of these tactics border on doing entirely too much, the position DID manifest. However, I did NOT get the job and here's why: I focused too much on it. So much that when it came into existence, I did not trust in the Universe to bless me with the position. Instead I focused on it in fear.

When the position opened up, I applied at least 3 times on various job boards. I called the company directly to find out when they will call for interviews. I even emailed the manager God knows how many times. I was so focused on securing this position that I ended up pushing it away. My fears and worries were in the place where my faith should have been.

That is when I developed a new way to create. As a worry wort and control freak, I needed something to help me let go and let the Universe take control. This is not to say don't focus on your desire. But if you're focusing in fear, you are only repelling it from you.

Focus on your desires with love and faith. I learned the hard way so you don't have to.


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