Two Quick Ways to Create from the Invisible

You're probably thinking: another law or attraction post? Yes, this is another LoA and I might even sound like a broken record. But even if I never figure my life out (troll this blog, you'll see what I'm talking about), I'm passionate about helping you figure your life and create your dreams.

With that being said, here are two quick ways to create from the invisible. I believe that manifesting should be quick and easy. I don't like drawn out processes. Though I have a standard and quick 4-step process I like to use, sometimes even that is a bit much.

1. Gratitude Affirmations
I wrote a post about this technique in particular and it has done wonders for me. In short (because there's entire post dedicated to it), you just give thanks for desire in advance. Simple as that. You start by saying: Thank you, thank you, thank you (God, Universe, Higher Power) for.... and you just fill in the blanks with your desire.

2. Intention followed by Gratitude
So you don't want to create a vision board. Writing your ideal scene is time consuming. You want something that's quick, fast and to the point. Well, I got you covered. Start by stating your desire either verbally or mentally via intention. So you would say: I shall/intend to receive.... and fill in the blanks with your desire. You can also use an affirmation such as I am or I now have. It's just doesn't work for me but it may do wonders for you. After stating my intentions, I simply give thanks. That's it. Easy right? My preferred method is to state my intention when I wake up and give thanks (gratitude affirmation) before bed.

How often should you do these? For me, I usually only state my intention no more than three times a day. But when it comes to giving thanks, I can't say it enough. The more, the merrier if you ask me. Saying thanks let's the Universe know that you trust it will deliver. I only use these if it's something simple that I want and don't have to be descriptive about. It's quick, simple, and to the point.

Try it and let me know how it works out for you!


  1. What great ideas! I am definitely doing both of these right today! Small but I'm sure effective way to be at peace of mind and with the universe!

  2. I know! There are so many different ways to create the life of your dreams that you can easily get lost in the madness. Doing this, especially for the small stuff, is simple and saves a lot time than to cut out pictures and make vision boards for everything LOL


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