The New Normal

Being a millennial sucks. I don't care what anyone says, thinks, or feels about the subject. Because truth be told, it sucks no matter how folks in the media try to spin it. It f-ing sucks and I hate it.

I know every generation has been through their share of rough periods. But sometimes I wish I was born in a different time period, assuming life would've been easier at current age then. Being a twenty-something year old today is trash. Point blank and the period.

Go to college, they said. Get a degree, they said. It'll get you a job with great pay, they said. Well, guess what? I've got a degree, en route to finishing up my second one, and I qualify for nada. My current job title? A sales associate at a bakery. Part time with no benefits or any real room for growth. So what was that you were saying about this degree and great salary because of it?

This is not to sound ungrateful for the job I do have because I am. But I also can't work there forever. I have dreams damnit. I want to make my payments to Sallie Mae worth it.

Do you know how shitty it is to apply for jobs that you know good and well qualify for only to get rejected? Since I've graduated, I've received interviews but no job offers. Majority of them didn't even reply back to my application. What gives? Why sooooo picky?!

My mother told me to make multiple resumes including ones that don't have my graduate degree on it. Perhaps employers will take a second look and won't consider me overqualified. So basically, I am denying my education that I'm spending God knows how much money for in hopes they'll give me a chance. Well madre, that didn't work either. Maybe my bachelor's degree is just too much.

No, I don't have a degree in business but I do have one and like to think I'm pretty competent. Maybe my experience is lacking. But how can I get experience if no one is even giving me the slightest chance?

Then there are some people out there who don't understand why some millennials are attending grad schools and only furthering the debt they're complaining about. Well, excuse me for wanting to better myself hoping that my Master's will open the doors to success. I mean, y'all could pay my loans off since you're so concerned or better yet, pressed.

I'm also not sure how millenials are expected to survive in this day in age. The cost of living continues to rise and jobs are not matching up with those costs. Shout out to all you twenty-somethings that are out here that are making it out on y'all own. Meanwhile, I'm still living with my mother wondering if I'll ever move out.

I was once ashamed of that but now I don't care. There many people who are still living or had to move back in with family. Times are hard and the recession is still real. Don't debate me.

This is the new normal. Twenty-somethings and up still living with their parents, relatives, or have multiple roommates. Unable to find decent, stable jobs that can pay their bills and put food on the table. Holding on out marriage and sometimes delaying kids. That is the narrative of the twenty something today. Maybe not all of us, but definitely a good bulk.

So when someone older asks "You're still at the bakery Soleil?" in a confused tone, probably expecting more of me, the only response I can give is: "It's a job. I gotta take what I can get."


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