Lost in a World

The writing in this post might be sporadic. That's because my thoughts are sporadic. My emotions are sporadic. All the while my life remains at a stand still.

I'm truly lost in a world. This world to be more specifically. Not trying to fit in but wondering where do I fit in. Where is my place? Why am I here? What purpose am I meant to serve?

Lost in a world. Living in a state confusion. Looking okay on the outside but screaming for help on the inside. Where the fuck do I belong here? Are you there God? Because I want to let you finish, but I need answers.

Lost in a world. Trying to figure life out while attempting to figure myself out. Would you judge me if I said I don't know who I am? As a person, a human being, a living soul. Not one single clue.

Lost in a world. A living soul. But yet I'm dead inside. There's no life behind my eyes. I'm not living. I'm just here. Just existing. Just taking up space.
Lost in a world. Hoping I'll find my place before it's too late. I'm not asking for much. I just want to be able to say that I lived well.

But until then....lost in a world.


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