How I Manifest My Desires

"Million dollar goals man is to manifest it." - Big Sean, Blessing

There are many ways you can go about manifesting your desires. As long as it's believable and works for you. What will work for one may not work for someone else. But putting that aspect aside, I wanted to share how I manifest my desires and make them a reality.

My goal when creating from the invisible is to keep it as short and simple as possible. I quickly learned that I don't like long drawn out manifesting processes. I also like to keep my goals realistic and believable. I think that when you want something that is grand, it may be harder for you to manifest it, especially if you don't believe in it. As for me, I'm a dreamer but I like to start small.

So here's how I manifest:

1. Ask via prayer.
I don't do the whole declaration and affirmation to the Universe process. It's just not a concept I believe in. Affirmations never seem to work for me. So instead, I just express my desires to the Universe/Higher Power/God saying I would like "xyz" or may you bless me with "abc." I do this in the form of prayer, getting as specific as possible if need be. I tend to write these down rather than speak them unless it's something simple.

2. Expressing Gratitude
I believe that giving thanks in advance/conclusion of your prayers let's God know that you trust and believe that He will deliver. After I say/write my prayer to the Universe, I say thank you 3x for their* assistance in manifesting this desire or something better. Sometimes in lieu of saying/writing a prayer, I visualize/think of my desire and give thanks via gratitude affirmation.

3. Detach from the goal and outcome
Once I start saying thank you, I'm already in the process of letting it go and giving it to the Universe to handle. But I conclude my thank you with what is known as cosmic insurance and say: thank you (x3) for your assistance in manifesting this desire or something better in an easy and relaxed way, in its perfect Divine time, for the highest good of all in Jesus name.

4. Optional Bible Scripture
This doesn't happen all the time but depending on my desire or my feelings, I may refer to a biblical scripture to keep my faith up.

5. Stay positive and go about my business
I've learned that the less I focus on my desire, the easier it manifests. I have to literally forget about it in good faith knowing that my prayers have been heard and my blessings are in queue. By constantly focusing on it, it quickly turns into negative energy through fear and worry.

Other optional steps I do:
These are my main steps that took a while for me to come up with based on trial and error. So far, this seems to be the best method that works for me. In addition to this, sometimes I will burn the paper in which I wrote the prayer on and let the smoke be a symbol of my prayer going to God. Other times I've written or said the prayer during the new moon to help put good vibes out. I also may pray with crystals that are filled with good energy as well as my rosary.

I'm not really a vision board person but sometimes under my written prayer, I'll put up to 3 pictures representing my desire. I only create vision boards for an overall bigger picture. But a new tidbit I've been doing is meditating in faith on my desire for 3 days (yes, I do things in 3s but with good reason, a post on that later). I'll put on some mediation music and for 4-6 minutes a day, I visualize my desire. But after 3 days, I stop and go about my business.

One final thing that I want to make clear is that the Universe isn't exactly a genie. You may have to do some work depending on the desire. God helps those who help themselves so make sure you're doing your part to make your dream come true.



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