Happy May: Mental Health Awareness

Last week, I tweeted that I was taking a break from posting on here because I'm just not in a good space to write positive ish. But because I'm such a mental health advocate, I couldn't avoid posting since it's officially mental health awareness month. 

Mental health is a passion of mine. I find that it's one area of medicine that is often overlooked. It's made out to be something that's not that serious but it is, especially in the African American community. But just like all other illnesses, mental health IS serious. It's not a crazy person issue. It's a human issue and it shouldn't be taken lightly.

More often than not, we're told to go to church and that will solve all your issues. But what about the black folks such as myself who don't really attend church? Does that mean I'm out of luck? 

Prayer is another thing we're told to do in times of [mental] distress. But from what I've learned, you can't solely depend on that alone. Sometimes you do need a professional. Sometimes you do need someone to talk to. For all you know, you could be suffering from a serious mental illness and just walking around undiagnosed. Prayer and church is nice but God helps those who help themselves.

With suicide at an all time high, I just want you all to know that if you feel that something is wrong mentally, seek help. My goal is to share posts regarding mental health throughout the month. But, full warning, because I am going through my own issues, some posts will not be all roses. 

You're not crazy. You're in pain. It's okay to ask for help.



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