Gratitude Affirmations

Not too long ago, I wrote a post regarding my dislike of affirmations. Stating things that I am or have in the present tense even though I don't just doesn't work for me from a psychological standpoint. So I found (another) way that helps me manifest my desires and perhaps it will help you too.

You see, I'm all about efficiency. Because I'm lazy, I will find the easiest way to do things and manifesting is no different. Making a vision board can be time consuming and repeating affirmations makes me sound like a parrot. So what do I do? Wait for it..... Gratitude affirmations.

I'm not sure if gratitude affirmations is the correct term for it but for all intensive purposes, it is. A gratitude affirmation is when you give thanks for your desire in the present tense, similar to a standard affirmation. For example, let's say you want a new car. You would mentally ask/put out to the universe your desire for this car and simply say or write: Thank you, thank you, thank you for blessing me with my amazing new car.

And that's it! Simple right? It's very easy to do and highly effective. Here are 3 desires that manifested for me within 1 week after using a gratitude affirmation:

1. A new job opportunity
It's no secret that I'm actively looking for a new job and it has literally been a struggle. So I wrote a gratitude affirmation in my gratitude book giving thanks for the new opportunities coming my way. Hours later, I received an email for a job interview in my desired field (I ended up turning it down though).

2. My best friend's safety to Thailand
Now y'all know planes have been disappearing in the Southeast Asia territory so I wasn't too thrilled about my BFF going to Thailand. So I asked her to let me know of her arrival so I know that's she's safe. Well, my BFF has a shitty memory and doesn't follow instructions well so of course I blew up her email. Later that night, I said a gratitude affirmation to ensure her safety and was met with an email from her the following day.

3. My 3.83 GPA (yes, I am slightly bragging)
So it was finals weeks and I've been doing really good in my classes. I've been getting A's left and right. However, I wasn't sure I was going pass my final. I didn't know how the final was going to be presented and if it was multiple choice, I was screwed. So, the day before I took my final, I wrote a gratitude affirmation for my academic success. Bruh, Jesus was on my side because my final was short answer/essay style which is my strong point. A few days later, my grades came back and not only did I got an A on the final but an A in the class. As the kids say, Won't he do it?

So yes, I am a living testament that this tool does work. Giving thanks an advance helps you detach from your desire and surrendering it to the Universe. It also let's the Universe know that you are confident that it will deliver hence why you're saying thank you.

You get what you expect. Saying thanks only magnifies it.


P.S. - I didn't come up with this idea entirely. I'm pretty sure it's in the book entitled "The Secret."


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