Power of Prayer

I like to think of myself as a praying woman. I believe in God, Jesus, and all other higher beings. Yeah, sometimes I have my gripes with them and the Universe overall, but don't we all? I pray almost everyday, if not twice a day, to the point where I'm not sure if I even believe in my own prayers. And if I don't even believe in them, why should the heavens take my requests seriously?

I think my issue is that I struggle with prayer because I always wonder does God hear me. I mean, there's wars and world hunger going on. Is my prayer about getting a new job and out of this rough patch really worth listening to? I know God has a lot on his plate but I do wish he would fit me sometime. It's weird to be even writing this considering that I wrote a post about our blessings being in queue. But I'm human and I have feelings and shit.

It wasn't until I read a post on the Humans of NY instagram (if you don't follow him, you should!) and in this particular post, a young man discussed how he discovered God through his job as investment banker. Intrigued, I continue to read the post. In short, he said that he had a dream that he was standing in a cracked riverbed with dead leaves all around. Then a bright light came through and said "Why don't you think I can get you a job on Wall Street?" He didn't understand the context of the dream but knew it meant something. But it wasn't until his brother sent him a Bible verse that it all made sense. 

The main gem I took away from that particular post was that God could do anything for you. Anything. I said to myself that if God can bless this young man with a job on Wall Street, then I'm sure he can bless me with me a new job in my desired career field. As my aunt told me on my birthday (because I was legit on a the verge of breakdown) was that nothing impossible for God. There's no difficulty in God's eyes. The difficulty lies within us when we don't believe that we can have what we truly desire or better. There is nothing that God cannot do. She also reminded me that we are all the same in God's eyes and believe it or not, I'm no different than Mother Theresa in the eyes of God for he loves us all the same. We just have to believe in our prayers and He will deliver. 

So instead of my normal "Law of Attraction" stuff, which is still real and I still believe in, I've decided to take the spiritual route in manifesting the desires of my heart: asking God for assistance/help. I believe that God and his angels wants to help us all, but we have to ask. We have to believe. We have to give thanks and then find a way to let go and let God get to work.

Regardless of what I'm going through or whatever you may be facing, there is power in prayer.



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