How to Keep The Faith When There's No Hope Left

I've been experiencing something of a rough patch and have been for quite some time. Although I am in a slightly better place than I was late February/early March, I know there's is still work to do. My rough patch isn't completely over and to be quite honest, I'm not sure when it will be. It is safe to say that my faith has been tested....A LOT.

Having faith has never been my strong suit. And I know that sounds kinda hypocritical coming from someone who's blog is based on that principle alone. But I've always been something of a pessimist. This whole positive thinking I'm pushing is a recent turn around.

Though I'm thinking positive, or at the very least attempting to, my old ways of thinking quickly came in and set up shop in my mind. Any faith that I did have is hanging by a thread. I'm not sure what to believe, think, or feel anymore about anything in life. I've slowly started taken on the attitude of whatever happens, happens. Because from where I'm standing right now, I feel that there is not much I can do and for a person with moderate control issues, that down right pisses me off.

So I'm a rough spot in my life with little to no hope. Now what?

A few nights ago, I got the bright idea to look up some Bible scriptures, type and print them out, and post it all around my house in areas where I would see them everyday. Look, I'll be honest with you. I don't read the Bible and only know a handful of scriptures, if that. But because my aunt is a reverend and I somehow ended up going to a graduate school with a religious/biblical integration, I figured why not. It wasn't the first time I looked up scriptures to see how I can apply some in my daily life (see: Dreams Fulfilled) so looking them up again shouldn't be a hassle. My only concern was: Will this work? Will my faith start growing stronger? Will I start to believe in the Most High again?

I Google'd scriptures that referenced prayers being answered and having faith because that's what I need most right now. I found the ones that I connected with and got started with my arts & crafts. As of today, there are seven scriptures posted around my house. I can't tell you if they've worked yet but what I can say is that I can't miss them. I am forced to see and read them everyday. I'm not sure by doing this it will be ingrained in my subconscious and I will start to believe again. But I have hope though. I have hope.



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