Affirmations Are Cool But...

Can I be honest with y'all about something? I hate affirmations. Well, perhaps hate is a strong word but I'm not a fan of them. Once more, it's hypocritical because I promote affirmations in both my book and my social media. But in my real life, I don't use them that often. It's with good reason though. I simply don't believe in them.

Affirmations are statements made in the present tense, often use to help manifest something into your existence. For instance, if you want to be a best selling author, you would create and declare a statement that reflects that such as "I am a New York Times Best Selling author." The goal is that you repeat that out into the Universe until the point that you truly believe it. Once that happens, it instantly becomes your reality.

Seems simple right? Create an affirmation, repeat it over and over, and boom you're a millionaire or whatever it is you desire. And to be fair, it just might be that simple for some people but me? Nope. I am the type of person that has to see it to believe it. It's hard for my conscious mind to believe in something that doesn't exist yet. And if my conscious, sober mind can't believe, you think my subconscious will? No ma'am.

As I state in my book, everyone creates differently, including myself. Affirmations just don't work for me because I struggle to believe what I am saying. There have been times I've said an affirmation or something close it in which I did receive what I stated. But that was one in a few such as getting into graduate school. However, that was because I had a 3.5+ GPA in undergrad, can easily get recommendation letters, and could write an amazing essay prompt. So it was easy for me to believe that because there were other factors work. But to just make declarative statement about something I want without supporting attributes to help me believe?

So what I've personally started doing is stating intentions. Similar to affirmations, it's pretty much stating what you're going to do in present tense. Using my NYT best selling author example, instead of saying "I am a NYT best selling author," I would say "I intend to be a NYT best selling author." The only real difference is the wording but from psychologically perspective, letting the Universe know that I'm going to do something helps me. To me, using intention is putting the energy out there that you are going to do it and all will happen. You're determined, you're focused, you're empowered. You have a strong will to get to the finish line & win. Well, that's what intention means for me.

Therefore, if you're like me and you struggle with believing in affirmations, try setting an intention. Maybe that will help. If it doesn't, don't worry -- I got another post (or two) lined up [in the future] for you to help you manifest those dreams :)



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