A Lesson From Candy Crush

Based on the title alone, you're probably wondering what could someone possibly learn from a Candy Crush? It's just a game; a mobile one at that. It's nothing more than something fun and entertaining to do in your spare time. True but for a person like me who thinks a lot and has entirely too much spare time on their hands, I found some type of meaning in this game.

So what life lesson(s) did I learn from playing Candy Crush? Simple: never give up and ask for help when you need to.

I don't consider myself much of a game player, literally and metaphorically speaking. But if I somehow find myself in one, whether by choice or not, by all means, I'm playing to win. Candy Crush was no different.
Some levels were easy and I beat them on the first try. Similar to life, there are some trials or "levels" that are going to be easy. Perhaps too easy. But the fact of the matter is, you beat it. You got through it and on the first try. With the win, you've gained a new sense of confidence and courage to take on the next level, whatever that may be.

But with every win, there is an L or two you will take. Not every level you move on to is going to be smooth sailing. As they say, new levels, new devils. Like in Candy Crush and in life, some things are just too hard to beat, at least on the first try. Sometimes it takes a few more tries to make it to the next phase. Your confidence and courage will be challenged. When that happens, it's okay to take a break. Regroup, re-strategize, pray, and try again later.

Taking time off from "beating" the level or trial may be exactly what you need. You come back feeling recharged and ready to take on the world. And just like that, that hard trial you were enduring and struggling to win, suddenly becomes a walk in the park.

I also learned that during life trials, it's okay to ask for help. I've been playing Candy Crush on and off for a while now and I just learned that I can use certain things to help me beat the level. Like literally a week ago. But of course, I would just now notice it because I am not one to ask for help or cheat for that matter. I believe in doing it all myself. But sometimes, we need help. We can't possibly do everything by ourselves. We are not God. We are human and we have our faults and weaknesses. I've learned that asking for help isn't necessarily a bad thing. Matter of fact, it might be exactly what you need.

Yeah, I'm aware that Candy Crush is just a game. But as I said earlier, I play the game of life or a simple mobile game, to win. If you're not playing to win then what's the point?

With that being said, don't give up. Keep playing, keep fighting, keep winning. Take breaks when you need them and come back stronger than ever. As they say, life is a game. Play to win.

Be blessed & prosper,


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