What Lamoi Knows For Sure

I am excited to share on what I know for sure, because as a poet, spoken word artist, and writer I am a natural storyteller, and there is power in sharing our stories, our journeys, and our wisdom. Growing up I thought I knew a lot, I’ve always been wise beyond my years, an old soul with old memories that sat pondering in the dark for hours. Yet when I experienced two heartbreaks that shattered my world, all that I knew came into question, and I grew, and I evolved, and I manifested the woman I have always wanted to be, and in this space I have new found confidence in what I know for sure.

 What I know for sure is that self-love is the foundation from which stems and flows all of our interactions, and perspectives of the world around us. It doesn’t matter the basis of the relationship or interaction, whether family, friend, associate or stranger, your self-love is manifested in how you treat other people. My latest heartbreak taught me that harsh lesson: How others treat you is not a reflection of you, but a reflection of themselves, and vice-versa. How you treat others is a reflection of your values, your priorities, your inner conversations. It highlights your contradictions, and is your ambassador for your cause.

I’m not referring to the superficial, shallow, I know I’m the shit type of self-love, I’m referring to your level of understanding with and of yourself, your understanding of your connection with the Universe and those around you, your understanding of love, and spirit, and thriving. I’m talking about the self-love that causes you to introspect daily, not afraid of evolving and change because you understand that your journey is always changing, and change is a constant. The deeper you journey into that type of self-love, the more genuine, and authentic your interactions with others become.

I know that my self-love causes me to live a life of unconditional love, because my perspective of love is that it never stops, it only evolves. Where love depends on reciprocity to feel fulfilled and worthy, unconditional love still flourishes when there is no reciprocity or acknowledgement. I am content in giving, because I am first giving to myself, and that flows outwards to the receiver. I’m content with loving from afar, because in love’s evolution, it can be manifested in courtesy, respect, no ill intention, and genuine positive thoughts. My self-love understands that what I give out is my agreement to the universe on what I want to receive.

I know that I was born alone, and though my life continues to be full with souls, both beautiful and ugly, I know that I will die alone. At the end of my days, I am all that I have; my relationship with myself is the most important relationship I will experience, and because of that my relationship with myself will continue to dictate all other relationships and interactions. I value myself, so I value you as well.

Lamoi S.

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