What Ariel Knows For Sure

Six years ago, I lived in a constant state of gloom, overwhelm and anxiety. Back then, good days existed, but not enough of them for what I was facing as a 21-year-old grown child: pregnancy. From the moment I learned of my unplanned pregnancy to the morning I checked into the Labor & Delivery Unit, I was afraid and always worrying. Would I be a good mother? What would I do during the tough moments? Could I provide for him everything that he needs? How would I balance being a baby, having a baby? Am I strong enough to manage my life and someone else’s? If I would have let it, fear would’ve choked me to death, but then I held my baby and those doubts vanished. A calm came over me that let me know that we’d both be fine.

In that moment, I understood what the biblical reference, “This too shall pass”, really meant. You can say that what I know for sure is that everything - good or especially bad - is temporary.

When we experience uncomfortable circumstances or thoughts, they sometimes trick us into believing that they’ll never end. (If I’m being honest, I can admit to allowing a few of those instances to become very comfortable in my life, as if I’d welcomed them to stay forever.) But in enough time, the difficult moments that seemed impossible to get through will become a testament of [your] strength, perseverance, and will.

The past six years have taught me to be flexible; to roll with the punches; and allow for things to fall where they may. In doing this, I’ve had to learn to shift control - to God, or to those around me who are responsible enough to love me - when having it is too much for me. As independent as I try to be, you can imagine how difficult shifting control of any sort has been. Doing so used to make me feel bad or guilty and ultimately, I’d beat myself up because of it. Now, in those moments, I remember that this time in life will pass and that I’ll be able to share the intended lesson with someone else one day.

Life is ever-evolving. It’s filled with a good dose of pain, happiness, blessings, curses, love, loss, and growth. As a woman in my mid-twenties, life constantly reminds me to be in those moments, even though they are temporary. Because in all of them lies a lesson and reason for the struggle to begin with. All of the experiences that we collect are so we can share them with those who’ll need that niche wisdom in the future. Thinking about it like that makes it easier for me, thus keeping what I know for sure - the fact that this thing won’t last always; that every encounter is like a fleeting vapor - forever true.

Whether mountainous or minuscule, everything is temporary. Remember that and try to live your absolute best in each moment.

Ariel C. Williams is a professional writer, lifestyle blogger, and author of The Girl Talk Chronicles. Follow her on Twitter @ArielSaysNow.


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