Three Reasons Why Your Wishes Haven't Came True Yet

We are just about a quarter of the way through the new year and you're probably wondering why some of your resolutions haven't panned out. You did all the right things: prayed to God, put the intention out into the Universe, and gave thanks for its manifestation. You even went as far as to create vision board full of your desires, looking and thinking about them constantly attempting to bring them into reality. But nothing has came into fruition yet. What gives?!
If you haven't seen your desires come to life as of yet, here are the three reasons to why:

1. You Aren't Ready
I have a question for you and I want you to ponder on this honestly. If every last one of your dreams came true tomorrow, would you be ready? Some of you might say yes and that may be true. But for the most part, none of us are fully ready for our dreams hence why we prepare for them. We take steps and create plans so that when are dream manifests, we're ready. When our dreams come to life, we're not thrown off course because of our preparations (remember, the Universe isn't a complete genie. You DO have to do some work for you are a co-creator with God). Actually, with all the work we put in, we EXPECT our dreams to come to fruition. That's when you're considered ready. Only you know when you're ready and once you are, you clear the channel for you to receive your desire(s) almost effortlessly.

2. You're Blocking Your Blessings
You're doing all the right things: speaking things into existence, repeating affirmations, giving richly with pure intentions, focusing solely on your desires, and perhaps even speaking words of positivity. Yet, you're desire still isn't in your hands. When you know you are doing all the right things with pure intentions and nothing has came to you yet, it's time to start looking within. You may not think you're doing anything wrong and to the outside world, you're probably not. But what are your insides looking like? Are you scared you won't receive your desire? Are your fears overpowering your inner thoughts? Are you not being honest with yourself about what you truly want? Are you harboring any type of ill feelings or hatred? No matter what you project to the outside, the Universe only responds to what's inside. So if you're doing all the right things on the outside but still feel like shit on the inside, the Universe is going to give you just that: shit. Figure out what's blocking your blessing and then ask God to help you remove the blockage so you can receive your highest good. Once those blockages are gone, your vibration rises and aligns you to your desire. The channel of receiving clears and your desire and all things good start flowing your way.

3. It Just Isn't Time Yet
One thing that always trips me about the Law of Attraction is the concept of time. I'm always straddling the fence because on one hand, there are certain desires that I want by a certain time frame. But on the other hand, I feel as though one should let God and his angels do their miraculous work and let my desires come when they are supposed to. I try to emphasize and incorporate the latter into my life because I believe and know that God and the heavenly angels know what they're doing. They see things that I don't see. I may want something next Tuesday but they might see a misfortune happening that day and choose to bless me with it another day. But when I focus more on Diving timing, I tend to get impatient and fears start to arise hence blocking my blessing. When that happens, you have to build your faith in God and start removing those fears and blockages (see #2). I believe that timing is everything but we tend to operate on a different schedule than God. And that's fine because in the end, He knows what's best. Therefore, if you haven't seen your desire yet -- it's coming or something better is on the way. God heard you and already answered you. Just be patient.

Be blessed and prosper,


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