Learn Your Lesson

When I think about life and what it entails, what I can tell you is that it is definitely about change and growth. There's no way our lives stay the same forever. Things happen. Rough patches occur. We're forced to move out of our comfort zone in order to be who we need to be.
But Life is also about experiences. Whether they are good or bad, we need them for our spiritual growth. There are lessons we are meant to learn while we are here on earth. We take what we acquire from that experience and bring forth that lesson into the next life challenge.

But what if we don't learn the lesson(s)? What happens then? Do we just not worry about it and move on to the next task on our journey?

No. From what I believe and experienced first hand, you must learn the lesson. If you don't, the experience will continue to show up at various points of your life. It will show up in different forms and you'll start having a déjà vu feeling. That's because you've been there before.

I never loved myself. I had low self esteem and was very insecure. These traits played out in my relationships and I attracted boys and men that were not good for me. But I didn't realize that. Or perhaps I did but felt like I couldn't do any better. My relationships with men--sometimes with the same man just at different times--were a reflection of me. My experiences with them kept repeating itself. But it wasn't until over a year ago, I finally learned my lesson.

Since then, the experience has yet to repeat itself. And it won't. Because when you know better, you do better.

I needed to learn to love myself and have confidence in who I am because that was a necessary lesson I needed to learn for my growth. The experience kept repeating until I realized the lesson I was being taught. Now I know and will carry it with me to the next destination on my journey.

Learn your lesson from every experience. I would hate for you to make the same mistake twice.

Be blessed & prosper,


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