Blessing in Queue

A few days ago, I wrote a post about why your wishes having came true yet. Now, I stand by everything I said, including that timing is key to receiving your wishes/prayers/desires. But for some reason, I was led to expand on that on timing idea and how our prayers have already been answered.

I believe that God and his angels hear everything we say, think, and/or feel. I believe that when we ask God for a certain desire, it is has already been given to you, whether it be that exact desire or something better. I believe once we put our desire out there with all our hearts and pure intention that the Universe does everything in its power to bring it into our existence. But if you're anything like me, patience isn't a virtue and you're wondering why your wish hasn't been granted yet. It's such a frustrating feeling especially when you did all the supposed right things and you're still waiting on your desire. Meanwhile, everyone else around you is getting their prayers answered left and right. Sucks, right?

I know the feeling all too well. Way back when, I used to get really jealous and envious when people around me would get their blessings and I'm stuck wondering if God even heard me or knows that I exist and need help too. But being that jealousy and envy is part of the deadly sins, it's no wonder my blessing probably took longer than originally intended. I should've been happy for those people around me for it would've only turbo charge my prayers. I also should've been more grateful and not behaved like a spoiled brat. But when you know better, you do better and I'm happy to say that I've grown from those feelings. Instead of getting jealous of those around me, I revel in their blessing and share their joy. Being mad that my prayers haven't been answered yet isn't going to make it come any faster. But by being happy for others and realizing that it was their time to receive only put more positive energy out into the Universe.

But still, where's my blessing though?

That's when I realized that all of our blessings are in queue. As I stated in this post, timing is key. Everyone deserves a blessing. Everyone is entitled to a blessing. We're all God's children so it only makes sense that wants to give us all that we desire. But we have to be patient. We have to play the waiting game in faith knowing that our blessings are coming. I believe every single day, millions of people are receiving everything they've prayed for and then some. But instead of being envious of them, I am happy for them, knowing that my turn to receive my blessing(s) along with the other millions of people are coming up soon.

When the young woman from North Carolina won the lottery and received 188M, I was happy for her. Learning that she was unemployed, a single mother, and had four kids with one having cerebral palsy, I couldn't help but to believe that this was an act of God. People when the lottery all the time but this particular instance made me truly realize that God sees and hears all. It was time for that woman's blessing and your time is coming soon. Who knows, it just might be today :)

Be blessed and prosper,


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