Why You Shouldn't Give Up on Your Dreams

It wasn't until Fall of 2014 that I finally figured out what I wanted to do with my life. After spending six years in undergrad on a basic liberal arts degree and currently in grad school for an unrelated subject, I finally realized what I wanted to do. Over 20K in loans later, I finally had the epiphany I've been waiting for. If only I had it sooner.

But to be honest, I've had several epiphanies. So how do I know for sure that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life or at least a good chunk of it? How do I know this latest epiphany is the real deal and not just temporary idea?

Well, in the past few months few months, I started seeing signs. I found old vision boards and collages from YEARS ago with this said epiphany. I even looked at a recent vision board that I created last summer that had exactly what I wanted to do. But what was the real confirmation (outside of the signs God gave me) was when I told my aunt in conversation that I feel like the God in me shines through when I'm with animals. As Oprah would say, that was my "aha" moment.

Up until now, I've never used God and my career/passion/interest in the same sentence. I do believe that He was present in every step of the way in all my career choices. But I don't recall ever saying "This is what God wants me to do" or something along those lines.

So now what? After all this money I've put into degrees, I'm suddenly doing a 360. Now that I know what I really want to do, there is no way I'm giving up. Breaking into the veterinary field with zero experience is HARD. But I refuse to change careers. Not again. Not ever. I will do all that I need to do, put out more money just to get my foot in the door. It hasn't been easy but I know it's not impossible.

I say all of this to say don't let go of your dreams. Don't defer them. Hold fast to them as my favorite poet Langston Hughes says. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't achieve your dream. Don't let anyone ever tell you that it's too late. You can pursue your dream at any time, at any age. Don't let society dictate to you what you should be doing. Just DO YOU.

Look at Nene Leakes. Her career jumped off in her late 30's and look where she is now. Look at Tamar Braxton who had five record deals before she became a household name. They did not let their age stop them. They didn't let life stop them. Look at all the other people who quit their jobs to follow their passion. It's not too late. Matter of fact, it's NEVER too late.

If you have a passion, a dream, or a deep burning desire, by all means DO it. YOLO.

Be blessed & prosper,


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