What Amber Knows For Sure

What I know for sure is...
Life is constantly speaking to me. There is a hidden message in every lesson throughout life. If we are attentive and patient, life will always reveal the essentials we need to keep pressing forward. I know for sure that life is a revolving door. There are always second chances. There is always another opportunity that presents itself, another chance for you to get it right. I know for sure that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. There are no limits as to where I can go and who I can become. I know for sure that I desire to soar and all the places the I desire to reach I will get there. I know for sure that love is priceless, friendships can't be bought and they are timeless. I know for sure that I am grateful for the priceless love and timeless friendship that I've found with you.
This is what I know for sure!


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