What I Know For Sure

So I just finished reading Oprah's "What I Know For Sure." A recommendation given to me by my aunt, I wasted no time putting my name on the wait list at my local library. Two months later, it was finally my turn to enjoy the wisdom of Mother O.

Not going to lie, I wasn't sure what to expect from Oprah's book. My aunt had told me it was about all the things she's learned over the years that she put into perspective. In some ways, I was expecting it to be a memoir or an autobiographical type book. But it wasn't.
Divided into different sections, such as power and resilience, Oprah answers the question that she received many years ago: "What is it that you know for sure?" Originally assuming the interviewer was talking about the movie, Beloved, she was surprised to find out he meant what did she know for sure about life. It was a question that left her puzzled to the point that she created a column in her O magazine appropriately titled "What I Know For Sure."

Upon reading her book that was full of life lessons and gems, I started to wonder what did I know for sure about life. Then suddenly, it came to me. What I know for sure is that life happens and time waits for no one.

So simple right?

I believe we get so caught in the negatives in our lives that we don't take time to acknowledge the good. When something bad happens to us, we may think we're the only ones in the world this is happening to and wonder why God is picking on us. Well, I'm here to tell you that you are not the only one bad things happen to. We all experience some degree of pain, hurt, misfortune, heartbreak, grief, and loss. But you know what? Life happens.

Everything that we experience contributes to our growth and evolution of our mind, body, and spirit. So yeah, life may happen but it's up to us how we respond to it. It's up to us whether we want to turn lemons into lemonade. The power is in our hands.

What I also know for sure is that time waits for no one. We get so caught up thinking that we have more than enough time to do a,b, and c, when in reality we may only have time for a. Our time on earth is limited. We don't when we will meet our maker so it's important to seize the day. Make most of what we have now. Instead of waiting and putting things off, why not today? Tomorrow isn't promised and we do not have all the time in the world.

But this doesn't mean to get so focused on doing everything you need to do that you forget to enjoy the moment. The one thing I hate about social media is that instead of living the moment, we're tweeting or instagraming it. Yes, it's cool to document what is happening at that very moment. But wouldn't it be better to savor that moment and document it in your memory? Not everything needs to be shared. You are allowed to keep some precious life moments to yourself.

As time goes on and I grow older, there will be more things that I will know for sure. But at almost 25, knowing that life happens and time waits for no one are good starts if you ask me.

Be blessed and prosper, 


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