What I Know For Sure Series

My fellow blogger ladies (& men)! I have a question for you. What do YOU know for sure?

Based on Oprah's book and my recent blog post, I'm creating a series appropriately titled "What I Know For Sure." But I already know what I know for sure so I want to hear from you!

What is it that you know for sure about life? What is it you know for sure about love? What is it you know for sure about courage, persistence, faith, and more?
The goal is to have each of you (who's willing to participate) to share 1-2 things that you absolutely know for sure.

If you would like to participate, here are the guidelines:

- Choose 1-2 things that you know for sure. It could be about life, love, career, friendship, courage, or anything similar.

- Must be between 500-700 words

- Submissions must be in by 1/31/15 for February postings and 2/28/15 for March postings. *

- In your submissions, be sure to include: your name, your blog, twitter handle, and a picture (optional)

* I will be posting these submissions up every Wednesday for the month of February and (hopefully) March. I will post one each Wednesday but depending on the amount of submission I receive, it may be two.

Send all submissions with the following guidelines to Santana.soleil@gmail.com with "What I Know For Sure Submission" in the subject area
Can't wait to read and learn what you all know for sure!

Be blessed & prosper,


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