That Time God Gave Me 3 Signs About a New Career Path

So for today's post, I decided that I wanted to share a [personal] story about God, his signs, and me finally figuring out a damn career path! Whoohoo! On top of that, there's a 95 percent chance that I'm even sticking with it! Anyway, here's what happened:

It's no secret that I've spent years struggling to find a career. Hell, it took me about 3 years until I finally had no choice but to declare a major. I went from wanting to be a CEO, a pharmacist, an entertainment journalist, a radio host, a teacher, and finally a counselor. All of these changes within four years, you would think that at last finally something would stick. Yeah, not quite.

I started contemplating working with animals because well, duh, it made sense. If you follow me on Instagram (soleilsantana), you would know that I'm practically obsessed with my cat (in a good, healthy way). But I also love animals and don't do well with people. So why not work with animals?

Though I had this new found epiphany, I wasn't sure if it was a phase or not. Do I really wanna work animals or am I just unhappy at my current job? Do I really want to counsel people or play with dogs all day? I figured that the idea would pass and would just stick with pursuing a career in higher education, even it is hard trying to get my foot in the door in that field.

But the feeling didn't go away. I had also glanced that an old vision board that I made (coincidentally for 2015, but I made a more updated one) in which I had placed pictures regarding me with working with animals. But once again, I couldn't tell if I wanted to make a legit career out of this or just really wanted a new job until I get my counseling degree or whatever.

So I prayed. I can't remember if I included the whole animal career thing in my prayers but it was definitely on my mind and heart. I woke up the next day to do some errands and that's when the signs occurred.
When I went to the pharmacy, I had noticed the lady in front of me happened to be wearing scrubs. She obviously worked in the healthcare field but I didn't pay too much attention. I just wanted her to hurry up so I can get my meds.

After I left the pharmacy, I took alternative route to my next destination because I want to deal with traffic. That or I actually needed to go to the post office. Not sure but as I was driving I saw a fire truck, which is my symbol for my best friend who passed away when I was 17. He wanted to be a fireman so every time I see a fire truck, I always feel like that's his way of letting me know he's around. I didn't look too much into that either being that I've been seeing firetrucks for years since his death and just take it as he's around at the moment.

When I finished my final errand, it was time to head home for a nap. But not before I hit up Craigslist to see what new jobs are available. As I was scrolling down, I happened to see a position available for a veterinary hospital. Interesting, I thought to myself. Then for some reason, I started putting all the signs together. On top of that, there were 3 -- my power number. But they didn't make sense and I shook it off and thought maybe I was just looking too much into it.

So I decided that it was clearly nap time but before I did, I asked God to give me some confirmation. I just wanted to be sure that I was crazy and go about my business. Maybe I'm just desperate for a new job and I am reading into everything. Who knows.

As I was dozing off, my mother decided she wanted me to watch some interview with Alexandra Shipp on Wendy. You know, the one that played in that horrible Aaliyah movie on Lifetime? That one. Yeah, no thanks Mom. I would much rather nap.

But of course my mother doesn't care about my nap and proceeds to tell me about the interview I refused to watch. That's when it happened. "Yeah she used to work with pets before she got the part of Aaliyah." Um, what? My mother repeated it but I was just in a state of shock. Well there goes my confirmation.

So where am I currently? Well, I'm still pursuing my graduate degree so I can use it if I want to move up and become a practice manager or something in that realm. I am also looking into certification programs as well as applying for entry level jobs in the field. I don't plan on working at my retail job forever and this year will be my last. I already put that out into the Universe.

As for writing, I will still pursue that. Hell, I'm already doing that. The beauty of this art form is that you can do it at anytime. You can do it with any career. This also made me realize that I don't have to do one or other. I can do both or more if I want to! I also realized that my career choices don't necessarily to coincide with one another or even make sense. As long as I am happy, that it is all that matters.

Do what you love and everything else will fall into place.

Be blessed & prosper,


  1. It's so funny how God works. He gives us so many signs and sometimes we completely miss them. I remember once I was praying to God and I was being very demanding. I don't know what gave me the right to act that way, I guess I was just desperate. But I told him that I needed a sign, it needed to happen as soon as possible, and He would have to make it painfully obvious. And God did give me a sign. Literally 3 minutes after I finished my prayer/rant I got a sign that was so in my face I actually got shocked and started to cry.

    I'm glad you noticed the subtle signs though, and that you felt compelled to right about it. I wish you blessings in your next steps.

    1. Thank you so much! Blessings are much needed right now :)


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