[Personal Post] On Taking The High Road

"Sometimes it's best to take the high road, even if you have to travel alone."

For the past few months, my job has been a struggle. I work in a bakery and you wouldn't think that I would have so many issues there. Yet here I WAS. Everything is not what it seems in my store. We put on a slightly happy face when customers come in (depending on the day) but it was  a Cold War behind the scenes.

There were issues in various departments so I wasn't alone in my frustrations. Misery truly loves company and was definitely happy to have some companions while there. But with misery comes negativity and since I'm hypersensitive, I got hit. Bad.

Things came to a full stop when I felt my coworker had crossed a line with me. Perhaps she thought we were real friends and got a little too comfortable. But no matter how cool we are or how cool you may think we are, there's a level of respect that should be given when your coworkers and partial superior (her being the partial superior).

I wasn't the first person she's disrespected. I've seen it first hand. I've even called her out on it a few times being that we were oh so cool. But she always had a justification and when a person believes they're right, there's nothing you can do. She was/is the center of a lot of issues but bosses seem to let her run wild. Perhaps it's because she's been there the longest. I don't know. But she gets away with a lot of shit that I know other employers wouldn't tolerate.

I had kinda gotten over the fact that she's borderline disrespectful to others and can get away with murder at my job. But there's only so much I'm going to take. What you're not going to do is come for me and expect me to accept the package. 

So after her blatant disrespect to me on my day off, I found myself enraged. I was so livid that I called out the next day out of fear that I would fly off the handle the moment I seen her. But the next time I went to work, I knew it was time to have a meeting with my boss regarding her. I made a list of every issue I have with her and was prepared to present to him. Then... I didn't.

When I got to work and had a meeting with him, it did not go as planned. All I wanted was my schedule changed. I was able to explain to him what was transpiring without going into too much detail or even dropping her name. I didn't even refer to my list! He got the hint and made the change.

So what happened? I prayed and affirmed for 3 days that I would say the right words and that the meeting would work out in my favor. Truth be told, I'm not comfortable with snitching and don't do well with confrontation. I'm a "you do you and I'll do me" type of chick. I make it my mission to avoid any type of negativity. I don't need that energy in my life.

We're in a much better place now though I still plan to keep my schedule the way it is. I think the space between my coworker and I was and still is much needed. It keeps the drama at bay and can deal with her in doses. So far, so good.

Always take the high road. It pays off more in the end.

Be blessed & prosper,


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