Own & Embrace Who You Are

I hate prints and colors. I came to that conclusion while shopping for some new clothes. I knew that but I really wanted to make the effort to try something new. Prints are all the rage right now. People always told me I should wear more colors. But you know what? F*ck prints and those people.

If you looked in my closet, you'll mostly see black, white, gray, and blue with a dash of color here and there. But ask me how often I wear those dashes of color? The only exception to the rule is green and a really nice purple, my favorite colors. Other than that, my style is very basic and simple. More on the minimalist side if you want to add a label to it.

And I'm growing to be okay with that. I spent years finding, creating, and denying who I was as a person. It goes deeper than just fashion choices. I was trying to figure out who I am inside. But truthfully, I've always known and it's time to start owning and embracing it. That includes all aspects of who I am.

No, I'm not the girl who turns up at parties. I don't like loud clothing or situations. I loathe clubbing and doing things that don't involve some sort of food. I prefer nights in, brunches with limited mimosas (I don't drink as much as I used to), reading a good book, having a girl's day out, watching my favorite shows, reading a good book, and of course enjoying a good meal or two.

From the outside looking in, I might come off as rather boring and that's fine too. I'm an introvert and learned to own and embrace that too. I will never be the life of the party. My social anxiety just won't allow that.
But I'm learning to be okay with that. That doesn't mean I can't step out of my comfort zone from time to time. That doesn't mean I can't at least try new things. However, at the end of it all, I know who I am inside and I need to start owning and embracing because she's amazing.

So no, you might not catch me in a bright orange shirt, some snazzy prints, or whatever it is most folks my age normally do. But what you will see is a woman with big hair, probably wearing black, reading a good book, and loving who she is.

Who know, I might rock floral print just to spice it up a bit. I mean, flowers are pretty, right?

Be blessed & prosper,


  1. There's nothing more beautiful than being your authentic self, unapologetically. Kudos to you! :)


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