[Late Post] The Best Thing About 2014

I probably should've posted this back when it was actually 2014 but I was on hiatus. Plus, we're barely into the new year. I highly doubt that we moved forward from the previous year that quickly.

For the first time ever, I started thinking about what was the highlight or best moment of the year. Call it a reflection or a year in a review. I never do this because I tend to find it pointless. That and I usually reminisce on what didn't happened or the bad shit that occurred.

So I decided to take a different route.
What was my best moment? It sounds cheesy but meeting new people and creating genuine friendships. I owe majority of that to Morgan and Lindsay because without them creating the black girls who blog hash tag, I wouldn't have met these amazing friends of mine.

It's no secret that I've been lonely out in Charlotte and to a certain degree, I still am. But I take comfort in knowing that I have real friends that I can call on. My best friend in New York is dope but I needed a circle of friends. And through social media, I've found my circle. It's always beautiful thing when you can develop something that is beyond tweets and form a real friendship.

I found a sisterhood in Lala and Minnie. I found a twin in Madison. I found a kindred spirit in Amber Janae. I found genuine and authentic bonds with Ariel, Jully, Jenai, Erica, Tyece and more. Honestly, I could list everyone I've connected with that's made me thankful for social media.

For me, creating friendships that I believe have the potential to become everlasting was my best moment of 2014. I've been through some things last year and I feel blessed that I was able to lean on some of these phenomenal women in my time of need.
What was your best moment of last year?

Be blessed and prosper,


  1. I feel similarly about the online sisterships and friendships that I've been able to nurture with a few bloggers. Just knowing that I have other Black women who support what I'm doing and the fact that they actually understand what I'm doing is always a good thing. My best of moment of 2014 would have to be my thesis advisor approving my thesis and completing my graduate program. I went through hell to finish grad school and get my Master's, so that was truly the highlight of last year.


  2. What a beautiful post! I'm so thankful for the sistership we are building as well! My best moment of 2014 was most definitely quitting my full-time job, and following my passion of full-time artistry.



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