Happy New Year: I'm Back!

After taking a second--planned--hiatus, I'm happy to say that I am back. So happy that I'm even posting on a Thursday, something I never do! But since I know a lot of you are recuperating from the night before, I'll keep this post short and sweet. Hopefully.

Though I've been on hiatus, I have been getting inspiration for my posts. If you read my interview over at Ariel Says Now, you'll know that I tend to only write when I'm inspired. I don't follow the traditional blogging rules. I do what works for me.

With that being said, though I've been inspired, the words just wouldn't come to life. So I saved a lot of posts in my drafts hoping something, anything, would speak to me. Since it didn't, I didn't force it. I refuse to write from a place of mediocrity. I like for my posts to be as authentic as possible. My goal is that when I write, you're not reading an essay that I clearly wrote for class just to get an A. My intent is that you hear my voice (whatever you may think it sounds like) as if I'm talking to you face to face when your reading my work. As I said before, I'm no word smith, but I am authentic. I mean, isn't that what matters most when writing?

Now that I'm back, I'm more alive than ever. Not because I'm back to blogging and sharing inspiration with you all (I am, though). But because I've just published my brand new book, "Dreams Fulfilled," TODAY! It is my very first self help book and it is my hope that you enjoy it and learn from it as much as I did. So I technically did do some inspirational writing during my hiatus, just not here.

"Dreams Fulfilled" is now available on Amazon Kindle for download. A paperback copy will be available soon. But for now, I hope you truly enjoy this easy read regarding fulfilling your dreams (perfect timing for the New Year and get started on those resolutions!) because I want you to live your best life possible.

May you all prosper and be blessed for this New Year and beyond.


P.S. - remember how I said I would keep this short and sweet? Well, I lied. Oops. :)


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