Canceling Out Negativity

It's no secret that the last quarter of 2014 hit me hard. With all that was transpiring, I tried to keep it to myself and push through with this blog. But all things came to a head and I ended up taking TWO hiatuses.

Though I made it through the fire (kinda) and back to the positive blogging game, I never fully shared why I took a hiatus. Without getting too much into detail, my hiatus resulted from harboring too much negative energy. Being that this is more of a positive, inspirational style blog, I would hate to be preaching one thing but living another. Usually writing inspiring posts inspires me when I'm feeling low but the energy that was surrounding me at that time was just too dark.

It was during my hiatus and my mental break that I learned how powerful energy is. Whether it is positive or negative, it holds a degree of power and is contagious if not careful (negative energy). I knew I had contracted some form of negative energy, especially at my job. But with all my own personal issues, that energy took in more power and everything just magnified.

So how do you put an end to negative energy? Simple. Just say no.
A trick that I learned from my aunt is that whenever anything negative comes into your life, whether it's energy, thoughts, etc., just mentally cancel it. I remember thinking that's too easy to be real and asked if I could just cancel everyone at work. Obviously I couldn't do that but I can cancel the negativity that may be present in my work place or anywhere in my life and so can you.

You are in charge of your life in every aspect. You have the ability to welcome certain things, energies, and experiences into your life. If you don't like something, don't allow it into your space.

You can't isolate yourself from everything that is negative. But you can choose how to respond to it. You have a choice. You cancel that negativity, whatever it may be, and replace it with love (which would dissolve the negativity in its entirety). Or you can welcome the negativity, feed into it and watch it spill into to your life. The choice is yours.

Give it a try. Next time something negative comes into your space, cancel it. You don't have to verbally say it. You can mentally cancel the negativity. Hell, you don't even have to say cancel. You can delete, block, or even say no. I personally like to mentally hit the delete button when a negative thought comes my way. Another trick I like to use is mentally visualizing my thoughts having a sign on the door that says "Occupied." But sometimes a simple prayer to God asking for His love, light, and protection from negativity is just as effective.

All energy holds power. Be careful how you feed it.

Be blessed & prosper,


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