Happy December: It's The Most Wonderful Time Of Year, Right?

Okay, so I accidentally took an unprecedented hiatus from blogging. SPOILER ALERT: another one is coming soon but this time it will be planned. Though I was doing the 30 day challenge by GG Renee, something in me burnt out and I just stopped writing without even realizing it.

Early November, I suddenly became uninspired. And some people may not know this but I only really blog when I'm inspired. This is a positive and inspirational blog that I personally created with the sole purpose of spreading love, faith, and hope. But I can't do that if I myself am struggling with not only the words to say to you folks but also matters in my own life. I had told myself that I would at least finished the writing challenge to teach myself to finish what I've started. But after Day 22, I was just like fuck it and took involuntary break.

Now don't get me wrong, I totally enjoyed GG Renee's writing challenge. When she did one back in September, I had secretly hoped she would do another one. So when she did, I felt it was only right to do it because who knew when the next one would be. But the time challenge started was also around the time I was considering my hiatus for a bit. However, I attempted to push through anyway up until Day 22.

To say that I'm back wouldn't be the right term but I have been inspired in the past 11 days during my break. So yes, there will be more postings throughout this month. But what I did learn from the writing prompt is that I am not one who can write everyday. I know it's common advice for writers to write everyday but I simply can't. I only write when I'm inspired or depressed. You'll get the occasional opinion piece but nothing more outside of that. Kudos to those of you who do write every single day. You guys are the real MVPs.

So now here we are, the first of December. Holiday season has crept up upon us and next thing you know, we'll be in 2015. I have to admit, I love the holidays. It's probably the only time of year where I'm in a genuinely good mood for no reason at all. Between Christmas shows, hot chocolate, and onesies, I have no reason not to be in a good mood. But I do feel that that older I get the more I view holiday season differently. For me now, it's all about being with loved ones and eating good food. I'm no longer interested in buying or getting gifts because I believe there is so much emphasis and pressure of doing so. It takes away from the true meaning of having holiday cheer. When I do give something, it's something small and dear. But even now, when asked what I want for Christmas, I say nothing.

I have my health, my family, my friends, a job, food on my plate, and a place to rest my head. I'm good. I already have everything I need.

Peace & Light,


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