Side Effects of Love

Wrote this when I was 19 and felt like sharing this little throwback.

Why do we love love, when love seems to hate us?
All love does is conquer & destroy us.
It tears us apart & can sometimes break hearts.
So why do we love love?
Why do we yearn to be in love?

Love can do a multitude of things.
In some cases, barely anything.
& just like that, we're sucked in.
Then all of a sudden, we're swept away
By empty promises & sweet nothings.

Instantly we're captured.
Caught up in the rapture
Of the joys & laughter.
Then out of nowhere, it all abruptly ends.
This is the part where the pain begins.

The hurt swallows us whole,
When love was our only goal.
& when that happens, all we can do is cry
And try our best to bury the pain inside.

Others seek revenge or go on a binge.
Some even break windows, then there's some who
Even wear mask, hoping no one knows.
I guess I'm one of those.
Praying that no one will ever know.

I wear a mask so no one could see.
All the things love has done to me.
All the wounds that are beyond skin deep.
But I know, I'm not only one of few
That love has done this to.

Love has ripped people apart.
Like a bow & arrow shot at the heart.
Even if it's in the past, it still hurts like broken glass.

So why do we love love?
I guess some just want to experience on
Their own just what love does.
But I don't want to.
I know first hand what love can do.

Love is pain & never do I want to feel that again.
Until I find someone who can prove to me
There is real love, I don't trust love.
I don't love love.

Love can & will conquer & destroy us.
It does nothing but hate us.



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