Getting Unstuck

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about accepting things as they are or change them. Though I was more so talking about my cousin and those who complain about life's downfalls, I didn't think a few weeks later that I'd be singing a different tune.

I hate complainers. And I hate the fact that sometimes I am one. I avidly believe that if you don't like something in your life you should change it. I mean, it's YOUR life right? But here I am, making complaints and not actively doing much about. Or at least that what it seems like. I keep trying my best to turn things around but what if my best isn't good enough?

For those who follow me on twitter, you'll see that I've been in limbo and stuck for quite sometime. And you know something? I'm tired of it and for those who are also stuck, I know you must feel the same way. So below are some tips to help you (hell, and myself as well) to get you unstuck and moving forward.

1. Figure out what's troubling you. What's making you feel lost? What's making you out of balance? Once you discover this, you can start hashing out solutions.

2. Know what you want. So figured out what's troubling you. Now it's time to stop what's troubling you by deciding on what you want. This is where solutions come into play as well. Hate your job? Finding a new job is the obvious solution but what kind of job are you looking for? Get it?

3. Vent out your frustrations. Life happens. Things go wrong. People are stupid and we sometimes want to punch them in the face. All these are valid feelings but don't bottle them up. Express them. Own them. Release them.

4. Protect your energy while being mindful of yours. While your busy getting unstuck and trying to make changes, the last thing you need is negativity. So cut out anyone or anything that's negative. But you also have a responsibility as well. You can't want change and continue project bad energy. You're only going to attract more bad. The Law of Attraction is real.

5. Practice the Law of Attraction. We really have the power to change (almost) anything we want in our lives. But it all starts with what's inside. Our insides create our outsides. So change your thinking, change your choices, change your life.

6. Have good friends to talk to. Life can be rough and sometimes you need a listening ear. Whether it's to vent or share positivity, have a friend or two that you can go to during this time. Trust me, you'll need it.

7. Let go & Let God. This so hard to do sometimes but you have to trust that the man upstairs has something planned for you. But you have to allow Him to work His miracles on you. You have to let him in. He wants to help you but you also have to ask and trust that He will.

Hope these tips help!

Peace & Light,


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