Day 8 - Inner World

To what extent do you find yourself preoccupied with your own thoughts and challenged to share your inner world with others?  Also, how do you preserve your need for solitude and still make room for the people you love?

I'm always lost in another world. I spend most of my days daydreaming of what life should and could be. My mind is filled with my dreams that I pray becomes reality. But I rarely share these thoughts with anyone. I've shared my dreams before and they were shot down. So now, I keep them myself. My inner world is secluded. My inner world is a population of one. Though I wish to invite others and share what's in my heart, I'm scared of extending the invitations. Would they get me? Will they understand? Will they shoot me down or will they uplift me?

Preserving my solitude comes easy to me. Almost second nature. It's hard to explain how I do it. I just do. I'm an only child as well as an introvert, a recipe for natural aloneness. I know when I need people around me but not too much. Only those close to me; those I do extend the invitation into my inner world. But I know when I need me time. Time just to be alone for myself.

Peace & Light,


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