Day 7 - Sapiosexual

Sapiosexual: One who is attracted to or aroused by intelligence in others.

What non-physical qualities are most attractive to you?  I'm not just talking about sexual attraction. In general, what qualities do you notice in others that draw you in and attract you to that person

I'm drawn to good conversation. I'm quiet, but when I talk, I talk. I like having intellectual conversations that provoke a healthy debate. I like having thoughtful conversations that make me see life in a different view. I like deep conversations that allow me to connect on an emotional and sometimes unseen or even unknown level. I like conversations about life for it can be a breeding ground for inspiration, ambition, and even healing. I like light hearted conversations that allow me to laugh and enjoy the moment.

Good conversation always draws me. If I can't talk with you, we're wasting each others time. There's more to a person than good looks and a big ego. Talk to me. Let me explore your mind. Let me see what's in your heart. Peel back the layers and let me see who you are.

Peace & Light,


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