Day 5 - Listen To Me

If you normally struggle to speak your mind, what kind of things motivate you to speak up?  What makes your inhibitions go out the window and your truth come pouring out?

I've always struggled with speaking my mind. It may not look like it on social media because I usually have an opinion on everything. But behind the keyboard, it's a different story. To be honest, it's social media (including blogging) that helps me speak my mind in ways that I cannot do with my mouth or in real life public for that matter. However, there are times when I do speak my mind and I'm not behind a keyboard going off on someone. This happens when I've had enough. I like to refer to myself as a ticking time bomb or a thermometer. I hold a lot of things in to the point where when I do speak my mind, it's literally an explosion. No one is ever prepared when I explode, not even me. Sometimes I have to speak up as much as I hate to. But I know the build up and bottling in of emotions is extremely unhealthy and that is why I turn to writing. Writing helps me express what's deep in my heart without cursing someone out and reading them like the Sunday newspaper. But I know I can't always write my thoughts. I have to speak up. I have to express how I feel, verbally.

Peace & Light,


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