Day 3: Permission

Luckily my blog runs on PST giving me just enough time to write Day 3 on #30Layers30Days challenge! I'm not used to posting everyday so forgive me if I forget a post here and there. As I said in Day 1, no guarantees over here. Just effort. Anyway, moving along.


What factors block your self-expression the most?  

I find that fear is what holds me back from expressing myself. I fear being vulnerable and being judged. I fear that I may come off as quirky, weird, or misunderstood. However, by concerning myself with these fears, I'm actually hiding who I really am. There's more to me than big hair and twitter rants.

What factors stifle your personality and natural instincts the most?

My shyness and introversion. Many may find this hard to believe but I'm a really shy and quiet person. But I know my twitter may say otherwise. Add that to my my extreme introversion, it's almost amazing that I even function in the world. I'm quiet to the point where I know I need to speak up but I don't. There are days I wish I was extraverted, more assertive, more bold. And I am those things...once the walls come tumbling down.

In what areas of your life are you waiting for permission to be yourself?

My career and in my personal life and relationships. I want a career that allows me to express myself and who I am at my core. I want relationships, both platonic and romantic, where I can take off the mask and just be me. But I'm waiting for that right moment. Waiting for permission. But from who exactly?


Peace & Light,


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