Day 19 - Skinless

What are you extra sensitive to?  It could be a certain taboo subject, situations or environments that make you uncomfortable, or perhaps certain types of people or energy.   How do you handle it?

Well, how timely is this post? I was just discussing and tweeting about my sensitivity earlier. Funny how the universe works.

First off, I'm a sensitive person to begin. Highly sensitive. People may not see that but that's because I put on a brave face. I don't have an S on my chest for no reason. But when I come home and the superhero cape comes off, that's when the real emotions show up.

What I'm most sensitive to is energy. I'm sensitive about just about everything, good and bad but when it comes to a person's (bad) energy, I just can't take it. In more recent times, the energy of others especially negative energy has taken a toll. For whatever reason, I'm more sensitive than ever to people's energy, even my own.

Because of this, I always have to remind myself and others to be mindful and responsible for your energy. You don't know who's picking up on it and you get back what you put out.

Peace & Light,


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