Day 17 - Apologies

What do you need to stop apologizing for?  
Your personality?
Your perspective?
Your needs?
Your boundaries?
Your dreams?
The person you love?

I stopped apologizing a long time ago. I realized that I don't need to be sorry or make excuses. I am who I am. You either like me or you don't. You either take all of me for who I am or keep it moving. I no longer adjust who I am to make others comfortable. I would much rather make you uncomfortable being in my own skin than to comfort you with a mask. If my personality, perspective, needs, boundaries, dreams, or my lover and then some bothers you, then perhaps you don't need to be in my company nor should I be in yours. And that's fine. I'm not for everybody.

I make no apologies for being me.

Peace & Light,


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