Day 13 - Irregular

Many of us have developed the habit of not expressing ourselves creatively for fear that we won't be understood.  We harbor feelings of being weird, irregular -- even unacceptable.  
Our inner critics reject us before anyone else can. 

So the question is, what does your mind say when you are beating yourself up?  What does your mind tell is you 'wrong' with you? 

Whatever your answer is, keep in mind that any 'irregularities' you perceive in yourself are just preferences you have that may be outside of the 'norm' -- whatever that is. They are part of what makes you, you.  These things will actually make you more powerful if you learn to love, understand and accept them.

My mind always tells me everything I'm not; all the things I can't do. I'm not creative. I'm not a good writer. What are you thinking? You want to what with your life? Try again.

Because I'm in a place of transition, progression, and growth, my mind is most vulnerable. Though I'm constantly filling it up with positive affirmations, there are those moments when the old mindset creeps in. Slowly eating away at my new found thoughts. Attempting to remind me all the things I am not, or at least think I'm not.

But I try not to dwell on what my old mind wants to say to me. Anytime it creeps up, I mentally place an "occupied" sign up. That way when those negative thoughts seep in, they have no choice but turn back around.

Peace & Light,


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