Day 12 - Playground

Where is your playground, your happy place?  The place or places where you feel free. 

Where you don't have to prove anything, bite your tongue or hide your enthusiasm.  
Just easy, comfortable, defenses down. Imagination running wild.

Where is your playground?  Also, do you make time in your life to escape to this place?

My playground is being lost in a good book. Though I enjoy self help books, it is reading fiction where I am most happy. O love being so wrapped up in a story. I love reading one's creative imagination. I love just escaping into another world just for a few hours. Barnes & Noble and the library are other playgrounds for me. Anywhere there are books, you are bound to find me.

But I also consider writing a playground. When I don't have a book around or not near a library, I write. Whatever it is that comes to mind. I get inspired when I least expect it and that's when the magic happens. Whether it's pen and paper or just hopping on Blogger, writing has always been an escape for me. It allows me to process my thoughts and feelings. It allows me to be to express my dreams. It allows me to be real, raw, and unfiltered.

My playgrounds allow me to be... Me.

Peace & Light,


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